Dear Sacred Heart Family,

The miraculous feeding of the five thousand people by Jesus, with five barley loaves and two fish, as described in today’s Gospel, is associated in Church tradition with the Holy Eucharist. This miracle teaches us that God works marvels through ordinary people. Elisha’s servant and Jesus’ disciples distributed the bread, provided by God. Thus, God meets the needs of the people through the services provided by the members of His community. 

Today’s readings invite us to become humble instruments in God’s hands by sharing our blessings with our needy brothers and sisters. Miracles can happen through our hands when we collect and distribute to the needy the food destined for all by our generous God. Today’s readings also remind us that if we have been blessed with an abundance of earthly bread, or with the technical capabilities needed to produce such an abundance, then these gifts are for sharing with the hungry. When physical hungers are satisfied, then we are challenged to satisfy the deeper hungers — for love, mercy, forgiveness, companionship, peace, and fulfillment.

In Risen Christ and Mary Immaculate,

Fr. James Kaniparampil CMI

Sacred Heart Church Bulletin

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