Dear Sacred Heart Family & Friends,

The Solemnity of Christ the King that we celebrate this Sunday is also the last Sunday of our Liturgical year. It is placed perfectly in the end as it has implications about the “end times” and the things that we ultimately hope for and look forward to in our faith. Remember in the gospel last Sunday, the Lord spoke about wars, famines, disasters, and persecutions that will inevitably happen. Oftentimes we are led to think that the end is about the destruction of everything. But according to our Lord in that gospel, when these things happen it is not immediately the end. The Lord hints that the end is not the end of the world, and it is not about destruction. Rather, it is the Reign of Justice and Peace. Just like the end of the liturgical year, the end will be the reign of Christ the King because it will be the end for injustice, evil and destruction. There will be no more division, confusion, nor bickering and turmoil. Everything will finally be sorted out by the Just King. His complete rule will gather His own and do away with the wicked who caused such chaos. It will be the reign of the divine eternal King and the end of the mortal ones. It is the end of time and the reign of eternity, the end of death and the reign of life eternal. This part of our faith is what we profess in the creed as “the life of the world to come”, that lets us hope and long for his reign where we can no longer be tormented by sin and death.

This week we also celebrate Thanksgiving, a fitting spirit as we begin anew with advent. Having faith in the final order of things with the reign of Christ the king, now we get to appreciate everything that God has given to us. When our hearts are grateful our hearts are joyful, when we are contented, we get to see that our lives are full and not empty.

The Eucharist we celebrate is literally a thanksgiving, for in it we thank God for the gift of salvation through His sacrifice where we find true joy and fullness. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and happy feast of Christ the King!

In Jesus Christ the King,

Fr. Alex

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