Dear Sacred Heart Family,

Fr. Michael McGivney (1852-1890), the founder of the Knights of Columbus, was beatified during a special Mass at the Cathedral of St. Joseph in Hartford, Connecticut on Saturday, October 31. With the beatification he is raised to the honors of the altar and is just one step away from sainthood. He will be known as “Blessed” Michael McGivney until he is raised to sainthood when his canonization process is completed. Born as the eldest of 13 children of Irish immigrants Patrick and Mary McGivney in Waterbury, CT, he joined the seminary at the age of 16. However, after a few years he left the seminary to take care of his family when his father died in 1873. Later he resumed his seminary studies and was ordained in 1877 at the age of 25. As a priest he was well aware of the struggles of the immigrant families for survival as he himself had experienced deprivation and the death of his own father. It was in this context he started the Knights of Columbus in 1882 while serving as an assistant priest at St. Mary Parish in New Haven, CT. His idea was to help the widows and orphans with the help a committed group of parishioners. The organization slowly evolved into a fraternal society reaching out to those in the margins of the society. It became a powerful vehicle for the empowerment of the laity in the Church.

Over the years the Knights of Columbus spread to different parts of the country as well as of the world. At present it is the largest Catholic lay organization in the world with 2 million members and is involved in evangelization and a wide range of charitable activities. Blessed McGivney who died from pneumonia at the age of 38 was a man of deep faith. When he started the Knights of Columbus, he asked the members to stick to the principles of charity, unity and fraternity which he knew would strengthen their faith and make them “Good Samaritans.” This is also what the members of the Knights of Columbus are doing all over the world. Like in many parishes all over the country we also have a group of committed men serving as the members of the Knights of Columbus. As we seek his intercession for our needs, let us also remember to pray for his speedy canonization. Blessed Michael McGivney, pray for us.

Our Hope in Christ,

Fr. James Kaniparampil CMI

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